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  • All plastic bottles and cans are recycled
  • A cardboard only recycling bin
  • Paper recycling bins, which are recycled through Shred-It every 3 weeks

Electronic Billing & Payments

  • We offer electronic PDF & Excel billing formats.
  • Electronic payments include credit card & bank transfer.

Company Vehicles

  • We currently have 2 Ford Escape Hybrid's in use by the management and sales departments.
  • We plan to expand on this program and increase company fleet to 4 Hybrid's over the next year.

Owner-Operator Vehicles

  • When our owner-operators need to acquire a new vehicle, we meet with them and steer them in the direction of a hybrid vehicle.
  • We have made available to all owner-operators special lease considerations and concessions for switching to Hybrid technology.
  • Many of the drivers already own fuel efficient vehicles and as the technology and availability of Hybrid units increase we expect that to grow.
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